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European Scramble Results


Hare & Hound Results:

2-Loop Results

1-Loop Results

Entry Totals & Notes


Results in PDF format:

Complete as mailed both days

Steward Reports in PDF format:

Keating Euro
Keating Hare & Hound

Purdy Euro
Purdy Hare & Hound

Wilson Euro
Wilson Hare & Hound

Wohlers Euro
Wohlers Hare & Hound


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OFFICIAL Moose Run results available. 

March 3, 2005

Posted complete results and Steward Reports in PDF format.

February 21, 2005

Made a few corrections.

Trophies added in.

Stats page added.

February 20, 2005

All of the european races are now included. 

February 18, 2005

Unfortunately, we had to DQ 6 racers on Sunday due to failed tech inspections.  If you want to race in the desert, you need to have a valid green/red sticker and spark arrester, with the screen installed properly inside.



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