Started by kritter, December 01, 2004, 12:27:03 PM

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I know Richie and E are working it but who is riding it?

Im thinking about heading out for my first enduro...

Jeff L

Was going to do it, can't make it now.  Have fun.
Jeff Lesovsky


Is there going to be a 4 Aces camp set up at Checkpoints? If yes, where will it be located? Aaron, JC, Dean ... are you guys getting ready to zero some checks?

Will be driving up Sunday AM.

Jeff Heine

Aaron Austin

Should be going out Sat afternoon.
Aaron Austin


Anybody get their minute yet? Thursday and nothing in the mail today.
Jeff Heine

Richie Wohlers

We'll be camped near Checkpoints camp.
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Aaron Austin

Nothing in the mail either. I'll be flying a club flag.
Aaron Austin


I'll be there Sunday AM as well, ready to zero? you have the time keeping equipment my friend, I'll be following your lead!

I received my minute, 5A yesterday, you should be getting yours soon I would think

See you there

Dean Thirkill

Aaron Austin

Got my number in the mail today (Friday). It's 51B, which confuses me, I thought  Jeff, Dean, JC and I were on the same minute. Maybe a mistake on mine or Dean's? Guess we'll find out soon.
Aaron Austin


Dean, are you sure your number is 5A? I received 51D. Minute 5 seems a little low as we sent in our entries a little late. I thought we would get in the 20's but it looks like a lot of people pre-entered early and we ended up with minute 51.
Jeff Heine


Right you are. mine looked like this, 5/A so I assumed... you know the rest.
Seee you guys out there

Dean Thirkill


Hi guys,
I'll be coming up early Sunday morning and will be ready to zero those checks. All we got to do is stick to Jeff's tail and follow him in. No pressure Jeff, really. Hopefully it won't rain on us but will have fun regardless.

JC Eckert